New Release of the Infamous Cherry Pie Kush BREATH F2

8 New Crosses of straight fire!

B ~ SSV Crew

Lead Breeder of Socal Seed Vault

How I got started

I grew my first plant in 2007 and fell in love with it. Got serious in 2009 and started a clone company in 2010. To save the genetics I collected, I started breeding in 2013. My first release was a huge hit and we have been grinding ever since. We have 100+ crosses under our belt.

Our Legacy

This is my life’s work. Check out my 10 year journey of breeding projects. Here you will find my retired genetics.  Enjoy!  B ~ Socal Seed Vault

Breeders Corner

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My experience with B at Socal Seed Vault and Craft Breeders has always been an outstanding experience. From the knowledge of this plant to the customer service shown this is by far one of the best breeder/banks I have purchased from. There is an incredible list of breeders and genetics on the site that you surely can find what your looking for. B has a lifelong customer with me and I ALWAYS recommend them to all of my buddies.

Growing Pains

Grower and Breeder

I first reached out to SoCal Seed Vault earlier this summer, looking for OG Kush to use as a base for an upcoming breeding project, and connected with Brian. He was super knowledgeable, took the time to answer my questions and concerns, gave me his input, and suggested some other cultivars that compliment OG Kush well. Not only did he get me the OG Kush I was after but he gave me an amazing deal on some extra packs of those other cultivars! Since then I’ve reached out to him numerous times for advice and input and he’s always so helpful and professional. They earned themselves a life long customer!!


Grower and Breeder

Social Seed Vault is the best! I linked up with them via X. Snagged one of their awesome BOGO deals. Figured I toss one back to the community in a giveaway.. When I mentioned it, he doubled the order and threw in a few extra freebies to giveaway. SOLID CAT!!! I’ve continued to purchase and they always get my order out promptly & my goods are well packaged! I just popped some Liquid Cherry Breath and had 100% germ on fist check at 48 hrs. Can’t beat that.  Highly reccomended!